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The Top 15 WordPress SEO Tools and Plugins You Should Utilize

Choosing a top-notch host for your WordPress website, we have best WordPress SEO plugins that will accelerate it and improve its search engine rankings.
The Top 15 WordPress SEO plugins

To become an SEO master, you will need to study a great deal, and no one strategy will teach you everything. Still, a fantastic SEO plugin can handle a lot of the heavy work.

We get questions all the time regarding the best WordPress SEO plugins and tools that we recommend.

We have utilized a variety of SEO tools and plugins at thewpgalaxy, including Yoast, AIOSEO, Semrush, and others.

Additionally, we’ve seen how these plugins may affect a website’s search engine ranking, exposure, and performance.

We’ll examine the top WordPress SEO plugins in this piece and offer advice on which one to use.

WordPress SEO plugins

What are WordPress SEO plugins?

SEO encompasses a broad field of study. Researching keywords, optimizing content, building links, and much more are all covered. This generally refers to any plugin that assists you in optimizing your pages to rank higher on search engines.

With the use of WordPress SEO plugins, you may learn more about your audience and traffic sources. After that, you can make better use of this insightful data to increase engagement and refine your content strategy.

The Benefits of using SEO plugins.

Generally speaking, you may improve your webpages with the use of an SEO plugin to increase their search engine results page (SERP) ranking.

WordPress comes with built-in SEO tools right out of the box. For those who are serious about SEO, though, they are restrictive, which is why the majority will want an SEO plugin.

Here are some instances of the tasks that SEO plugins might assist you with:

  • On-page SEO: Get real-time recommendations for on-page SEO content optimization on your website in relation to keywords, internal links, title tags, meta tags (descriptions, titles, etc.), picture SEO, and other factors.
  • Schema Markup:  To help your featured snippet stand out in the SERPs, you can utilize a schema plugin to optimize material such as FAQs with the appropriate schema markup that Google may use.
  • AI Resources for Content Optimization:  Artificial intelligence (AI) is used by certain SEO plugins to enhance WordPress SEO in a number of ways, such as producing high-quality content and optimizing it with keywords, developing links, and more.
  • Handle redirects and broken links:  You can use a redirect plugin to put up 301 redirects for pages as required to keep your site current, and you can utilize SEO plugins to help you keep an eye out for broken links on your website.
  • XML Sitemap Generation:  To ensure that search engines properly index your website, a sitemap plugin may automatically generate XML sitemaps.

Using SEO plugins makes managing these responsibilities and sophisticated SEO strategies much simpler, particularly if you’re not yet an expert. There is no assurance that using an SEO plugin will raise the ranking of your content in search results.

On the other hand, it will assist you in the search engine optimization of your content to increase the likelihood of it ranking highly. Even though you still have to put in the effort, it’s like having a coach who is experienced in the area and can offer advice.

Are SEO plugins necessary for WordPress?

WordPress SEO plugins are not required in order to optimize your pages and articles. Without employing plugins, you may get amazing results if you understand the principles of SEO and stay current with algorithmic updates.

Everything you need to generate content that is optimized for search engines is already included in WordPress; right out of the box.

Titles, meta descriptions, headers, alt text, tags, custom URLs, and much more may all be added with the Content Management System (CMS).

These little chores contribute to what is known as SEO, along with many others. All the better for you if you can remember these fundamental SEO activities without the aid of a plugin.

In addition to providing you with areas for development, they can assist you in determining why your pages are falling in the rankings.

The Finest SEO plugins for WordPress.

You may use the following plugins to assist your website in implementing an SEO strategy. While some are more thorough, others are more basic, focusing just on one or two aspects of SEO. They’ll all provide you with audience and traffic data, enabling you to enhance your content and increase interaction. Whether you utilize the finest SEO plugin for WordPress or not, the real optimization is still up to you; the plugin just helps a little bit when you make adjustments.

1. All in One SEO (AIOSEO)

For many reasons, AIOSEO is the greatest WordPress SEO plugin. It’s a pretty effective SEO plugin that’s straightforward enough even for beginners to utilize.

Not only that, but it also works well for all kinds of enterprises, including eCommerce stores, blogs, news sites, etc., and removes the need to install various plugins. AIOSEO is available in both Pro and free Lite editions.

seo plugins

Advanced SEO capabilities and tools from AIOSEO include:

  • Search Statistics: With just one click, you can follow your term ranks and view crucial SEO analytics thanks to this robust Google Search Console connection, among other features.
  • SEO Revisions: Monitor any alterations you make to your website to see how they affect your SEO. Additionally, you can view the impact of Google modifications on your website on a timeline.
  • Generator for Advanced Robots.txt: Create and modify your robots.txt file with ease to improve crawling and indexing.

With our Webmaster Tools tool, AIOSEO also simplifies the process of linking your website to Google Search Console. The best aspect, though, is that the plugin now includes search statistics and a connection with Google Search Console.

The Pro plan has a 14-day money-back guarantee and a starting annual cost of $49.50.

Use the AlOSEO Lite edition if you’re seeking free SEO plugins, and when you’re ready to step up your SEO efforts, upgrade to the Pro version.

2. Rank Math

Rank Math is another WordPress SEO plugin that is relatively new.

With Rank Math, you can optimize your website while creating content and get instantaneous information about your posts without ever leaving the WordPress interface. You can also optimize titles and meta descriptions, which lowers the possibility of Google SERP display problems.

The best thing is that this plugin is fast, meaning that your SEO efforts won’t be impacted by how quickly your site loads.

Furthermore, it includes a setup wizard that is simpler than Yoast’s 12-step wizard. However, it still includes six processes, compared to AIOSEO’s four simple steps.


  • Import of SEO Data During Setup: When configuring the plugin, you may import data from other SEO plugins.
  • SEO Meta Box: You may add your title, description, and keyphrase to your posts and pages. Additionally, proofread your writing for mistakes and make edits.
  • Link to Google Search Console: It allows you to link to Google Search Console and is connected with Webmaster Tools.
  • Open Graph information: When your material is shared on social media, you may include Open Graph information in your blog articles to display a Facebook thumbnail or Twitter card.

An annual single-site license costs $59 in total.


Quality data is essential for the development of an effective SEO strategy. Here’s when the free WordPress plugin from HubSpot comes in handy.

Easy-to-read dashboards from HubSpot offer integrated analytics on every aspect of your marketing performance.

Without ever leaving WordPress, you may use the plugin to begin figuring out where to concentrate your attention.

An extra benefit? To aid in the expansion of your company, the plugin includes live chat, email marketing, forms, and more.


  • Popups, forms, and live chat
  • Information and contact email are synchronized with the HubSpot CRM.
  • Analytics for campaigns
  • Chatbots and email marketing

Several technologies are combined by this plugin to provide tracking and active use that is more efficient.

4. Internal Link Juicer

Effective internal linking facilitates search engines’ more effective crawling and indexing of your website. It also helps other pages on your website receive link juice, or ranking power.

This plugin automatically inserts links into your article, making internal linking simple.

When you add keywords to each WordPress page, it searches for similar articles and pages. then creates a smooth connection between those sites.

Internal Link Juicer

Important Elements:

Here are a few of Internal Link Juicer’s key attributes:

  • Reduces the need for manual page linking by automating internal linking between relevant material.
  • Allows you to vary your anchor text to make your connections look more natural.
  • helps you establish boundaries for how frequently a page should be linked so that you don’t go overboard.
  • offers choices to stop specific pages from being linked to

One freemium plugin is called Internal Link Juicer. Additionally, premium programs begin at $69.99 a year.

5. Yoast Seo

Another strong competitor to AIOSEO is Yoast SEO, a WordPress SEO plugin. It enables you to give every article and page on your website an SEO title and description.


  • SEO Meta Box: Add your title, description, and keyphrase to your articles or pages. Additionally, proofread your writing for mistakes and make edits.
  • XML Sitemap: Similar to AIOSEO, it adds an XML sitemap automatically, making it simpler for Google to comprehend the organization of your website.
  • Integration: This enables rich search results for Schema Markup.
  • Breadcrumb Trails: Users and search engines may both always know where they are on your website since you have control over your site’s breadcrumbs.

Although Yoast SEO is more expensive than AIOSEO, it does the job well. This is particularly true given that each add-on costs more money.

It also doesn’t provide an SEO audit for your website or the ability to examine the SEO of your rivals. These are effective techniques to improve your rankings and outperform your rivals.

An annual single-site license costs $89 in total.

6. Smush

It can optimize photos in mass, just like ShortPixel. To begin, just select “Smush” > “Bulk Smush” > “Bulk Smush Now.”

Large photos can also be resized by specifying unique widths and heights.

When you wish to reduce the size of enormous photographs, this is useful. Thus, none of the large photographs that you have stored on your server. It speeds up your load times.

Important Elements:
Here are some of Smush’s main attributes:

  • Images on webpages with lazy loading wait to load until they are needed to be displayed.
  • Lossless compression reduces dimensions without compromising on quality.
  • You can improve any image with only one click thanks to bulk optimization.
  • Images are sent by CDN from the server closest to the users.

A premium WordPress plugin is called Smush. The features and functionality of the free version are restricted.

You may access all the capabilities, including mass optimization and CDN, with a subscription version. The monthly price is $3 (paid yearly).

7. SEOPress

The fact that SEOPress is incredibly user-friendly is one of its benefits. It is therefore suitable for beginners.

SEOPress plugin


  • Integration with WooCommerce: Assists in enhancing your WooCommerce store listings.
  • Schema markup: Increases clickthrough rates for rich snippets on search engine results pages.
  • Sitemaps: Make sitemaps to assist search engines in determining which URLs to show first when they crawl your website.
  • Content analysis: Provides recommendations for improving your content’s optimization.
  • Open Graph and Twitter Cards: Create content that is optimized for social media.
  • Image SEO: Optimize your photos for search engines to speed up the loading of your page.

Although SEOPress is packed with capabilities, some of the more sophisticated ones seen in more potent plugins like AIOSEO are absent.

Prices begin at $49 annually.

8. Rankie

With WordPress Rankie, you can watch keyword rankings every day and get insightful information as a WordPress rank tracker plugin.

Moreover, it has a strong research tool built in that produces useful keyword lists that Google users are currently utilizing.


  • Track WordPress’s ranking on Google.
  • Generate ranking reports.
  • Keyword research tool.
  • Auto track searched keywords.
  • There are four different methods for locating positions.
  • Daily report email.
  • Proxy support.

Rankie is a $27 premium WordPress rank tracking plugin.

9. Schema Pro

A great WordPress SEO plugin for adding schema markup to your website is Schema Pro.


  • Numerous websites: A single license may be used on an infinite number of websites.
  • More than 20 sophisticated schema types: Select from more than 20 different forms of schema markup when creating a page or post.
  • Article guidelines: Describe the kind of schema that should be used on each page.
  • Live schema testing: You may preview how your rich snippets will appear on search engine results pages (SERPs).

All in One SEO (AIOSEO), the majority of WordPress SEO plugins, automatically adds schema markup to your website.

However, Schema Pro can assist you in expanding the capabilities of your SEO plugin or in cases where you require additional schema types. By mapping the data from your WordPress SEO plugin to Schema Pro fields, Schema Pro may be used in conjunction with it.

Schema Pro is available for $79 per year or $249 for a lifetime license.

10. WP Rocket

With this plugin, you may still improve your site’s speed and performance, which is crucial for SEO, even if you are unable to optimize your metadata.

Lazy Load is a free WordPress caching plugin by WP Rocket. A premium version with more functionality is also available.

WP Rocket plugin


  • Improved page speed
  • Advanced Caching
  • Browser Cashing
  • GZIP Compression
  • eCommerce Optimization

Additionally, WP Rocket comes with add-ons like Cloudflare, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and more.

For a single site, the Pro plan begins at $49 per year. However, you may use Lazy Load as a free image optimizer plugin and then upgrade to the premium version if needed.

11. MonsterInsights

It makes it simple for you to monitor website traffic, the most popular pages and keywords on your site, referral traffic, and a lot more. There are two versions of MonsterInsights: a free light edition and a premium version.

 MonsterInsights plugin

With more than 3 million active installs, MonsterInsights offers a number of services that are worth exploring if you’re looking to expand your company:

  • Google Analytics Dashboard
  • Referral traffic tracking
  • Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking
  • Performance and optimization
  • Plus, there are more advanced features.

The Pro plan has a 14-day money-back guarantee and an annual starting price of $99.50.

12. Redirection

You may instruct search engines to focus on the updated URL and ignore the old one by using a 301 redirect.

With Redirection, you may use a basic URL manager to perform 301 redirects.

Redirects are complicated to install without the plugin; you have to manually add entries to the.htaccess file and change it for every new redirection.

Redirection is a great option because of these features:

  • Setting up 301 redirects is made simpler by redirection than by manually inserting them.
  • A conditional redirection system supported by the plugin takes into account a number of criteria, including page type, IP address, and login status.
  • It records each redirection that takes place on your website.
  • WordPress allows you to track 404 errors.
  • Additionally, you may alter the permalink structure of your website.

13. XML Sitemaps

Let’s say, though, that you don’t intend to use one of those programs and that you can optimize your content on your own.

Even in such a scenario, a plugin that manages sitemap generation might be useful.

Apart from those simple configurations, the plugin will create a comprehensive sitemap for your website automatically.

It is entirely up to you whether or not to submit that sitemap to search engine webmaster tools like Google Webmaster Tools.

Characteristics that Make XML Sitemaps a Superior Option:

  • It creates XML sitemaps for your website automatically.
  • It alerts search engines to changes made to your website.
  • It updates the robots.txt file with the URL of your sitemap.

14. Ahrefs

Its backlink index is the largest available online, and it powers backlink analysis.

You may use your backlink profile to find prospects for partnerships and guest collaborations that will drive more traffic to your website.

You may use Ahref’s WordPress plugin for free. To utilize Ahref’s SEO services, you must have a premium membership and an Ahref account.

15. Slim SEO

You can also customize how your material appears on social media and put up Open Graph meta tags with the plugin’s assistance.

Additionally, you may add unique code to your header and footer using Slim SEO. This is ideal for incorporating tracking codes or other solutions, like Google Analytics.

On-page analysis features are absent from Slim SEO in contrast to plugins like Yoast SEO or Rankmath.

Features That Make Slim SEO a Great Option:

  • Your articles and pages may automatically have schema markup, sitemaps, and meta tags created by Slim SEO.
  • The plugin allows you to configure redirects for author pages.
  • You may alter your content when users share it on social media, thanks to the plugin.
  • It is quite easy to set up, and most users should find the default settings to be ideal.


Thus, these are our last suggestions, which are based on our analysis of the top WordPress SEO tools and plugins:

Ahrefs and Semrush are the greatest all-in-one SEO tools.

SEOPress is the greatest white-labeled SEO plugin free of advertisements.

Slim SEO is the greatest lightweight SEO plugin.

If you need any professional help with SEO plugins for your WordPress website, book a consultancy with our WordPress SEO experts.

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